Stream Morning Announcements & Broadcast TV To The Classroom.

Build your own video streaming library by uploading custom content or recorded shows

  • Distribute any camera feed or TV channel over the network to the class
  • Create a content library by uploading content or recording shows
  • Easy to use and affordable compared to SAFARI Montage

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Goose Creek ISD based in Texas wanted to enable teachers to do morning announcements from anywhere on their 28 campuses and also wanted to distribute 24 TV channels to the classes.

Learn how they evaluated different solutions and what made them decide to go with SnapStream.

Distribute Morning Announcements

Stream live morning announcements by taking the output from any camera and streaming it over the network to all the classrooms.

Stream Broadcast TV

Take in a TV source (like PBS, Science Channel) at a central location and then distribute it over the network. Create a custom lineup consisting of only the channels you want.

Upload Your Content

Create a digital library by uploading your own custom content or recording shows from TV.

Who Uses SnapStream?