Morning Announcements to the Classroom

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  • Distribute announcements or custom content throughout your school over the network.
  • Works on any PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, TV and Smart Board.
  • Easy to use and deploy in your school.
SnapStream Edu: Morning Announcements to the Classroom
Distribute morning announcements

Distribute Announcements

  • Distribute camera feeds to unlimited classrooms in your school.
  • Create a custom lineup with just the channels you want.
  • Bandwidth efficient multicast streaming.
  • Schedule feed recordings to a centralized DVR. Give everyone their own DVR functionality.
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Custom Content

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  • Stream live feeds or morning announcements from your school studio.
  • Upload your own content for on demand or live viewing.
  • Live stream your events, such as a school commencement, to Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube Live. NEW
Custom Content

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SnapStream: Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Let everyone in your organization create their own TV clips. It's easy and unlimited. Clips shared through SnapStream's Cloud are viewable by anyone, from anywhere. To really save time, let SnapStream auto-clip the topics you're tracking.

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  • Works on any browser (no plugins to install).
  • Supports all devices (PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad and TV).
  • Clean, simple user interface.

Easy to Manage
& Support

  • No client side plugins to manage.
  • Bandwith efficient multicast streaming.
  • Enterprise grade hardware with redundancy (RAID6, dual redundant components).
  • Integration with LDAP/Active Directory.
  • Single Sign-on (OKTA and Ping).
  • View statistics per recording, user, group or channel. NEW
Easy to Manage & Support

School Setup

Morning announcement around your school

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