How Goose Creek CISD Easily Distributes TV & Morning Announcements 

Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District (CISD), implemented SnapStream EDU to efficiently distribute video morning announcements and to enable teachers to easily enrich lesson plans with relevant television programming.

The Challenge

Goose Creek CISD faced two daily challenges common for many schools.

First they needed to communicate upcoming activities and school information to students. However their traditional PA morning announcements were no longer effective. Student interest in announcements were low and the announcements interrupted instructional time. To remedy this, Goose Creek CISD decided to move to video based morning announcements. But now the challenge was finding a cost-effective solution to distribute announcements to the classroom which would also allow their teachers more flexibility and less interruptions to instructional time.

Secondly, they wanted a way to distribute regular TV to the classrooms. While TV distribution over dedicated cable network used to be popular several years ago, high cost of implementation and maintenance has resulted in most new campuses being built without cable drops. Comparatively, investment in high speed WiFi and connected devices (smart-boards, projectors, student devices) was increasing. The school district was looking for a way to utilize these new investments to get TV to the classroom.

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The Solution

After a careful evaluation of multiple solutions and an extensive proof-of-concept, Goose Creek CISD selected Snapstream EDU as their video distribution solution (see diagram below). SnapStream EDU empowers Goose Creek CISD to:

Goose Creek ISD SnapStream Setup
Goose Creek mobile announcement cart

Goose Creek distributed 30 mobile announcement stations among their campuses.

Each cart is equipped with a camera (mounted on a tripod), a workstation and a SnapStream encoder. The encoder connects to the WiFi network, enabling the teachers/students to take the carts anywhere on campus.

Each cart is also equipped with a DVD player, which is also connected to the encoder. This allows teachers to stream DVDs.

The Result

The SnapStream solution has been in operation for a few months and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “I think the sweetness of SnapStream is that it's so easy to use,” stated Steve Koester, Director of Educational Technology for Goose Creek CISD. Usage has been growing steadily week over week.

Goose Creek classroom

About Goose Creek CISD

Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) located in Baytown, Texas is a fast growing school district with 28 campuses and 1400 teachers, serving over 23,200 students. Goose Creek CISD is dedicated to fulfilling their vision to empower every student with knowledge and skills to succeed in a global community. Part of that responsibility falls on Steve Koester, Director of Educational Technology, and his team
of educational technology specialists responsible for the technology training and implementation of innovative technology solutions in K-12 classrooms.

About SnapStream

Based out of Houston, SnapStream has been making TV/video distribution products for over a decade. Apart from K12 schools and universities, SnapStream’s diverse list of several hundred customers include: The US Senate, the Library Of Congress, broadcast networks such as ABC, CBS and NBC and news organizations like Politico.

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