Morning Announcements & TV to the Classroom


TV & Announcements to the Classroom

Stream morning announcements

Morning Announcements:

Distribute live morning announcements from any camera/iPad over the LAN/WiFi to the classroom or student devices.

Multicast live TV

Live/Recorded TV:

Distribute live TV from any source (antenna, cable/satellite). Record shows to the on-device storage to create a shared content library.

Upload videos

Upload Videos:

Got a library of digital files (mp4) that you want to share? Upload to the SnapStream library so teachers/students can watch in on-demand.

Easy to use program guide

Easy to use:

Developed with teachers and students in mind. Clean, simple user interface with powerful Search and Clip tools.

SnapStream Set-Top Box

Live stream your event NEW

Live stream your events such as a school commencement to Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

SnapStream Set-Top Box

Watch on any TV

Convert any regular TV to a WiFi capable screen for announcements or regular TV viewing using the SnapStream TV Set-Top Box.

No browser plugin

HTML5 native support (no browser plugin):

Works natively on all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari) and on all devices (Windows, Mac, Chromebooks or iPads).

Case Studies

Feb 21, 2018

How Goose Creek ISD distributes announcements to 28 campuses

“The sweetness of SnapStream is that it's so easy to use"
- Director of Edu. Technology - Goose Creek CISD

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Explore Searching TV
Mar 19, 2018

How #1 ranked St. John’s School uses IPTV to engage students

“It's so intuitive. Teachers get it in 30 minutes"
- CIO - St. John's School

Read how TV engages students at St. John’s School >>

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SnapStream Replaces

SnapStream replaces TVs on carts, cable TV to the classroom, Channel One News, banks of DVRs. 
We're often used instead of Vbrick, Mediacast, or Haivision.

SnapStream replaces, Channel One News, TV on carts, cable to the classroom and banks of DVRs